Growers of Selected Variety Poplar & Willow Poles & Rooted Cuttings

Which Grade (length) do I need

  • Rooted Cuttings - Excellent for establishing shelterbelts and woodlots or forestry.
  • 3m Pole - Where its not practical to fence poles off use 3m poles in conjunction with a Mesh or Dynex Sleeve & they will be well suited to areas where Cattle & Sheep grazing will continue, the sleeves will help to deter animals from rubbing/scratching and damaging the pole/bark during establishment.
  • 2.5m Pole -As above with the exception that only sheep will be grazed among the poles as cattle are likely to reach the top of a planted 2.5m pole and eat the new growth as its establishing.
  • 2m Stake - Ideal where some height is needed to clear some undergrowth or pre-existing plantings of low growing flaxes for example.
  • 1.5m Stake - The most popular stake size, ideal height for planting in areas where competition form rampant grass may be a problem.
  • 1m Stake - Ideal where an area will be fenced off from any grazing (atleast until well established in both diameter and height) great way to establish a shelterbelt or firewood lot, will require grass control during establishment by either careful spraying or trampling grass down when required.